Searching for Satori...then twisting it to 11


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Sun Apr 13
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Hey Now


Sun Jan 12

"Junie" Carter just spilling out charm.


Thu Dec 19

Never go to Disneyworld.

Robot Chicken: Walt vs. Elian


just liked the image

just liked the image

Mon Dec 16
'The way I look has stood me in good stead: I can clear bars with a look, and people still cross the road in town'

What I see in the mirror: Mark E Smith | Music | The Guardian

Sun Dec 15
Fri Dec 13

"…He is attitude personified"


Mon Dec 9
Sun Dec 8
I think Marx was a much better diagnostician than he was a clinician. He was good at figuring out what was wrong or what could be wrong with capitalism if it wasn’t attended to and much less credible when it comes to how you might solve that. David Simon: ‘There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show’ | World news | The Observer